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We offer a full-service approach to your commercial real estate strategy, planning, site selection, transactional, and facility needs, including:

Site Selection & Advisory

Where and why you locate your business are based on answers to a myriad of questions, such as proximity to customers; saving  transportation, business operation, wages and real estate tax costs; and acquiring the best incentives from local and state authorities. We bring together the best team of professionals to uncover the answers to these questions, save you money, and more.

New Lease & Sublease Planning & Negotiations

Through our proprietary Property Specification modeling, we identify the best property and location for your needs, negotiate mutually agreeable terms, and consummate that lease all the way through the relocation process. If you have existing space to lease or sublease, we also provide those services to “stop the bleeding” in costs of excess or unproductive properties or spaces.

Building & Land Acquisitions & Dispositions

Why do companies move in the first place? The answer to this question varies, to say the least. Many times, the answer is, STAY PUT! In any case, we’ll work with you to answer this and related questions, execute appropriate property acquisitions or dispositions of land sites or buildings, and at the pricing and timing to achieve your company’s optimal goals and objectives.

Lease Re-Negotiations & Renewals

With our database of comparable sales and leases plus 30+ years of experience, we ensure your new deal is better than your existing lease. We analyze your specific needs and goals, bring your landlord to the negotiating table and create competition for your tenancy. The Result: the best configured space, the most appropriate improvements and an optimal financial package for your business.

Strategic Corporate Real Estate Planning

Many corporate real estate transactions are months or years in the making. To help you timely identify and resolve all issues and concerns, we walk you through a detailed analysis of your business operations, its impact on facilities, locations, labor and other items, and develop a customized plan to achieve your most important objectives and ensure an optimal facility exit and/or acquisition plan going forward for your business

Build-to-Suits & Buyer Representation

Existing buildings often meet our clients’ needs. We identify those properties and zealously represent our clients in acquiring them. When existing buildings are unavailable, we develop a detailed and customized program to identify and acquire appropriate land sites; assist in engaging superior architectural, engineering, legal, and construction professionals so that they construct and deliver, on time and at-or-below budget, the facility best suited and most cost effective for your company’s needs.

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