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A Closer Look at Leasing & Contracts

Every quarter, The SIOR Report magazine publishes an ongoing series of articles co-authored by David Liebman on topics relevant to office and industrial leasing and contracts. Check out current articles below, and previous years in our Archived Articles.

A Work Letter Primer: Crafting And Negotiating Tips For Tenant Rep Brokers

(SIOR Report, Winter 2023)

This pivotal document delineates the landlord’s obligations regarding tenant improvements (TIs), acting as the lynchpin between a fluid move-in experience and unforeseen…

Tenant Improvements: Communication Is Key!

(SIOR Report, Fall 2023)

Today, we step out of the four corners of the lease and discuss one of its most important aspect: Tenant Improvements (TIs), and the best practices to make sure these are delivered completely…

The Overzealous Client Attorney and Achieving a Successful Outcome

(SIOR Report, Summer 2023)

The amount of additions, deletions, and revisions submitted in the first lease revision by our client’s attorney seemed excessive. For example: in the “Operating Expenses” section…

When Your Tenant Is Moving In, It’s Time To Think About Your Tenant Moving Out

(SIOR Report, Spring 2023)

When a tenant knows in advance what restoration requirements its landlord will expect at lease end, the tenant can reasonably ask…

Estoppel Certificates Or Letters: Basic Principles To Know

(SIOR Report, Winter 2022)

To truly demonstrate to your tenant clients that you are a seasoned professional, a basic working knowledge of estoppel certificates and letters is not only helpful, but critical…

Commission Agreement Letters: Beware Of Traps And Pitfalls

(SIOR Report, Fall 2022)

Hopefully these suggestions will help you get that written and enforceable commission agreement to generate confidence from landlords and sellers in your negotiation skills…

Communication And Transparency Will Always Win The Day

(SIOR Report, Summer 2022)

The client wants a broker to be transparent in all dealings with them, the key component to establishing trust. Do you disclose to your client when the landlord…

Lease Negotiations: Where Style Is As Important As Substance

(SIOR Report, Spring 2022)

Human contact—the more direct the better—is the best way to conclude a lease negotiation! When parties shun direct contact, it creates the impression that someone…

Options To Terminate

(SIOR Report, Winter 2021)

Negotiating the termination of a lease with no fixed termination right isn’t pleasant; tenants don’t have much leverage, or worse, they may be in a position of weakness…

COVID-19’s Impact On Leasing: Not All Bad

(SIOR Report, Summer 2021)

Some 13+ months into the pandemic, we have lived through illness, uncertainty, forced adjustments to our companies, and how we do business. With a weakening…

A New Normal

(Salustri, Summer 2021)

Office and industrial properties present a tale of two markets, post-pandemic. On the one hand, the industrial sector has exploded, as providers of product continue to ensure

Size Of Leased Or Purchased Space: How Much Is There?

(SIOR Report, Spring 2021)

In an industrial or office lease or purchase negotiation, we often start with the amount of space as represented by the landlord or seller. However, as your broker…

Continuing Education Continues To Be Key

(Salustri, Winter 2021)

“When an investor sees the SIOR designation beside a broker’s name, they know it comes with experience and quality.” This is how Landon Williams, SIOR, sums…

Subleasing Pitfalls And Strategies

(SIOR Report, Winter 2020)

As the pandemic continues to roil CRE markets and deals, there is one area that is seeing heightened activity: the availability of sublease space, particularly in the office sector…

Managing Commercial Property User And Owner Expectations In The Coronavirus Age

(SIOR Report, Fall 2020)

As we continue to adjust to life in the “new abnormal” brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become abundantly clear…

Coronavirus Crisis: Difficult Decisions Ahead For Landlords And Tenants

(SIOR Report, Summer 2020)

This unusual situation creates the perfect opportunity for landlords and tenants to work together to minimize pain and both parties to survive…

You Gotta' Know The Territory: Local Transfer Laws

(SIOR Report, Spring 2020)

More than finding the listed property; more than understanding the market; more than knowing the owners, landlords, tenants and brokers. You have to know your way around…

Tenant's Acceptance of Lease Premises: May The Tenant Always Beware

(SIOR Report, Winter 2019)

This quarter we address some of the ramifications of the clause providing for tenant’s acceptance of lease premises. We identify pitfalls to consider…

"As Is, Where Is": Leveling The Field Between Tenants And Landlords

(SIOR Report, Fall 2019)

Many brokers of industrial leases negotiate “second generation space,” meaning space in a building that is or has been previously occupied and no longer new. Many of these …

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2021 M&A Presentation

Winter 2020

Commercial Real Estate in the Mergers and Acquisition Industry – WHAT IS NEXT IN 2021? To Sell, Lease/Sublease or Keep the Business Real Estate in the Deal – What’s Changed OR What MAY Change?

Top 10 Takeaways

Winter 2020

Last week a star-studded list of commercial real estate pros gathered online to give their thoughts on this year in the CRE world. Despite the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic drags on, ravaging the economy…

Upper Hand

Summer 2020

As the U.S. commercial real estate market reckons with the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, office brokers and analysts are bracing themselves for a market that favors tenants when, just days ago, the nation was broadly…

Controlling the Uncontrollable

Summer 2020

From time to time, economic and political events make people anxious and fearful about their futures. In response to many requests from our clients for insight on how to thrive when events seem to be beyond their control…

Globalocity Podcast: Commercial Leasing Tips with David Liebman

Fall 2020

Listen in as David Liebman joins The Savvy Entrepreneur Radio Show to share his top commercial leasing tips.  He also shares insights about how the covid-19 pandemic has changed…

Press Release: Liebman of Merit Partners saves Michelin subsidiary over $1 million in new warehouse lease.

August 5, 2020

Camso USA, Inc., signs a 64-month term lease for 252,208 sq. ft. in Channahon, IL.

What Should CRE Expect From The Next Mayor Of Chicago? (Bisnow, September 2018)

September 5, 2018

Mayor Rahm Emanuel surprised Chicago after Labor Day by declining to run for a third term. Come next spring, there will be a new mayor of Chicago.

CRE at the Intersection of Industrial and Retail (Sior Panel Discussion)

July 17, 2018

It is not simply the Amazon-ization of commerce that is causing shifts: shifts in building, shifts in transportation,” said moderator Ronald  Leibman…

Cell Tower Leases: BIG Value-Adds for Commercial and Industrial Properties (NIREM)

June 1, 2018

With the rise of last-mile distribution, industrial property owners are seeing high returns on their investments. But those owners can add even…

The main event: How the post-recession era is affecting industrial real estate

February 26, 2018

With the economic recession firmly in the rearview mirror, companies that manufacture and distribute consumer goods are seeing consistent growth again…

Merit Partners completes sale-leaseback of Mundelein industrial property

January 24, 2018

David Liebman, SIOR, JD, managing broker of Merit Partners, LLC, was the sole broker in a sale-leaseback for a 38,543-square-foot industrial building in Mundelein…

Staying Full: Tenant advocates help users and keep markets strong (IREJ)

March 17, 2017

Last year was a banner year for Chicago industrial real estate properties, and the trend is continuing this year. Ecommerce companies are zeroing in..

Executive Spotlight: David Liebman, Merit Partners (Commercial Property Executive)

May 26, 2016

The Midwest’s industrial real estate market has recovered and thrived over the last two years, and veteran industrial property broker David Liebman… 

Merit Partners’ David Liebman says these are the five questions you should ask before you design-build

June 2, 2016

For end users who need specialized facilities for warehousing and manufacturing, or have compressed completion time frames, qualified…

Two Chicago industrial LEEDers appointed major SIOR national roles (IREJ)

May 26, 2016

David Liebman, managing broker at Merit Partners, will be serving his first year of a two-year term as Speaker of the Chapter Leadership Council…

Venture One acquires 21,790-square-foot building in Gurnee (IREJ)

March 21, 2016

Venture One Real Estate through its acquisition fund, VK Industrial III, LP has closed on the acquisition of a 21,790 square foot vacant…

Market position roundtable: Where bricks and clicks collide (IREJ)

January 5, 2016

E-commerce is changing supply chains and retail distribution strategies at a rapid pace. But are warehouses and distribution centers evolving…

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